Mission and Values

We believe in plant power

We provide one-on-one educational services and health coaching to interested clients in a private and professional setting, centered on the use of herbs, nutrition, and exercise to support optimal health. The clinic is staffed by qualified herbalists who work collaboratively to ensure the highest quality of service for clients, and also to provide mentorship for fellow employees and aspiring clinical herbalists.  


We are a cooperative of practitioners striving to:

...provide educational services, products and information that are safe and effective.

...maintain professional manner and professional relationships with clients and other health educators.

...provide the community of Burlington with affordable and educational alternative ways to health care, and extend partnerships with other organizations such as Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, Acupuncture, birth attendants, conventional practitioners such as nurses and physicians, etc.

...be a local outlet for educational support in local plants and ecologies, as well as traditional and modern medicine.

...provide fulfilling and sustainable livelihood for the owners and future employees and the direction of the company.

...run the business in a manner which is environmentally conservative and sustainable, honoring the foundations of the business through the philosophy and mission of herbal medicine and health education.

Traditional plants in a modern context

What we do

We believe in empowering you.


The Burlington Herb Clinic is founded on the basis of balance, while viewing health as a continual practice of maintaining a relationship with our bodies through diet, herbs and lifestyle choices that are right for us as individuals and which supports our own innate healing capacity. We provide accurate and insightful information on both traditional and modern evidence-based approaches to health and wellness.